Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Fall Asleep on The Beach. Bad Things Happen to You.

Cal, 16, had his streak of "unfortunate incidents" continue on Sunday when he fell asleep on the beach and had his name written on his chest with SPF 70 sunblock.

(See Saturday's incident at Epic Theater at Town Center Here.)  

The family was spending the day at Flagler Beach with friends when the teen fell fast asleep on a boogie board.  After trying to unsuccessfully rouse him several times to suggest changing positions, his father wrote "Cal" on his chest with sunblock.  

"There was some argument about what we should draw on his chest," said Chris.  "Someone suggested a heart, or smiley faces.  But I just wrote 'Cal.' "  

The group was certain that the teen would wake up as he began to do this, but he did not.  Cal continued to sleep for "about an hour."  

They enlisted the help of several bikini-clad girls to help poke and prod him and call out his name in their attempts to wake him up.

"Cal!  Cal,"  one girl named Jen yelled, poking him in the shoulder.  She and her friend Chelsea were visiting from Virginia.  

"He won't wake up," shrugged Jen, as she and Chelsea walked off.  

The teen slept for a while longer before another girl, Rachel, poked him with a chair as she walked by.  "Hey Cal! Nice chest," she said.  

"I woke up, and noticed what they had done and I was so annoyed," said Cal.  "I don't remember any of the other girls that tried to wake me up.  When I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping."  

Upon wiping the sunblock off, a bright "CAL" imprint was emblazoned into his chest.  

A member of the group, Meghan, suggested he should attach a "Hi, my name is" sticker above the burn, then go stand in front of  the cute female lifeguard who had just set up station one hundred yards away.  

"There would hardly need to be any more words exchanged, Calvin.  Just point to your chest," giggled Meghan. 

"I didn't think that suggestion was funny," said Cal, as he turned over on his stomach and fell back asleep.  

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