Friday, August 22, 2008

MoonPie and Torture Devices

I have decided I need a hobby.

I want it to be impressive ~ something that I can ramble off when asked of my hobbies and that will illicit a response such as, "Wow! What an interesting hobby SHE has. She must be a FASCINATING individual ~ a woman I would like to get to know!"

The problem is that right now I am not sure I have time for hobbies; my current hobby throws up on me several times a day, craps her pants and bites my nipples, then laughs. I also think this hobby is cutting teeth, which at four months seems too soon.

She arrived at the end of April and has been the center of our family's universe. Her brothers won't stay out of her face and I worry about them kissing her so much.

This week my "extracurricular" hobby, of sorts, has been getting my ass to the gym every morning. Since Moon Pie (her nickname, I don't know why) has arrived, I have managed to eat enough chocolate chip cookies to add fifteen more pounds to my already bumpy figure. So, I joined Weight Watchers this week and began using my gym membership for the first time in a year.

My goal is to be where I was at a year ago: running 3-4 miles 5x a week. But because I am far too jiggly to run right now, I have taken to walking really fast on an incline, manipulating the elliptical machine and torturing myself for five minutes on the Stair Master. I hope to increase my minutes on the torture device until I am on it for 30 minutes because I intend to have a fantastic butt by this time NEXT year.

But enough of that fun stuff for now, I hear my current hobby crying in her crib right now.