Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthdays, Birchboxes and Baths.

I came on here today to do a "Wordless Wednesday" post.  Because surely, it HAD to be Wednesday.  

My heart dropped when I realized it was only Monday.


Part of the reason the day has gone so slowly is that I hurt my back.   And I don't even have a cool story to explain it.   I merely woke up yesterday morning and could hardly move.    

So I decided to take a bath today, because I thought that might help.  (Didn't.)

I got into the tub and Maggie ran in to the bathroom and starting whooping... all like, "BATHTIME!  Oh, YAY!  Bathtime!  I LOVE bathtime!"  

Then she began taking off all of her clothes.

I held her off for a moment, but could only do it for so long...because she is MAD strong.  She crawled in with me, loudly pointing out my stomach and my boobs and blurting out entirely malapropos  comments about both. 

I found out, however, that kids are great at washing backs.   

I didn't post my items this month in MyGlam and Birchbox.  Mostly because I have been super lazy.

But MyGlam was pretty good this month.   I received an Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil, which was great.   Also, I got a full-sized (I think) Dermstore Lip Quench lip balm.  It smells nice.  Also, some false eyelashes...which I have been known to wear.

Maggie slipped this over her hand and scrubbed my back with it today, and it was super awesome.

It's a little bag that you slip your hand in, then you scrub away with shower gel.   It feels SO nice.  

I also really loved the Pur 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer.   And the Orange Sanguine perfume sample.  

Thursday is Maggie's birthday.  She turns four.  It feels as if she has been three FOREVER.   

This has been the year that she would  nearly kill herself holding her bowel movements in,  and when she FINALLY went after days of screaming, it would be a man-sized turd that we would have to wait to disintegrate before flushing for fear of overflow.    She also had issues with wiping feces on things inappropriately.  Like on furniture, and walls.  

I am happy that she is fully toilet trained, though.  Almost a full six months ahead of her big brothers (both who elicited episodes of  hand-wringing as preschool loomed in their near futures, and I was still buying Pampers).  

Her personality has flourished.    She is super outgoing, charming and will tell you anything you want to know.   And more.   I am frantically trying to fill her in on stranger-danger.    

She is reading everything.  She started reading an anatomy flap book, because she decided that she wants to be a doctor.

She also must read  signs on the doors of every store we go to.   I am hoping this isn't, like, an OCD thing.  Because sometimes ~ when we are in a hurry ~ it holds us up.  

She was particularly fascinated with the "Team Members Only" door at Target.  She would shriek,  "That's a team member, mommy!" when anyone would walk in or out.  

(Photos have been removed because I am wildly paranoid about the internet.)