Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon.

Starting a blog has always sounded like a good idea. A couple friends of mine have started ones in the past month or so and I am, admittedly, a follower.

I was never one who was a natural "leader" and when put in situations where I was in a leadership position I would undoubtedly puss out. This has happened over and over. People have asked me to organize events before and because of my deep-rooted aversion to telling people "no," I will say yes then hide for the next several months (i.e. not answer my door or phone) until they get the point that I was a horrible, terrible choice and move on to someone else.

Going back and reading that last paragraph, I realize that I sound a little crazy.

Isn't it sweet that my husband thinks my crazy side is sweet and yes, quite endearing. He married me! That sucker. He is stuck with my mood swings, my neurotic tendencies and odd quirks. To save face for HIM, he has been instructed not to allow me to do anything that requires responsibility outside my home, i.e. at church. As a pastor's wife, sometimes people get the wacky notion that the wife would be an ideal choice to be on committees, organize things, etc. Not me! And I am really lucky that Chris knows what a poor choice I would be and fends off any situations that would give me cause to freak out. He is my sieve.

So, yes. I admit that I am a follower. I would never be the "first" one to start a blog, I have to have the way paved for me first. The world HAS to have followers and I am proud to say that I am one of them. Welcome to my blog!