Monday, August 15, 2011

Kate Plus Pfffffffffffffttttttttttttt........


I don't know if I just heard a collective sigh of relief or sadness, but the series that began with the birth of the Gosselins' sextuplets in 2004 was given the axe by TLC.  

I never cared for the show, because ~ much like Supernanny ~ I can't handle the kids' screaming and crying.   It hits too close to home and I get a twitch.  

Also, sometimes Kate reminds me of the rag I most of the time sometimes can be.  

And she sort of terrifies me.  

Me no likey.  

And all those kids.  Oy.

I only tuned in for that short time to watch the Jon debacle.  

Will he stay in the house?  Will he bring his sleazy girlfriends on the show?  Will Kate emasculate him on the show again?   Can it be any more possible to feel sorry for someone and cheer for him at the same time?  Can he look any more pathetic?

Because I like to watch  a good train wreck.   

I would probably participate in one if I could, but since I am now in my late 30's, I really don't particpate in train wrecks personally any more.  

This is pretty merciful, I guess, because when I watch Housewives of New Jersey it seems to me that those ladies' lives look pretty exhausting.  

And at this point in my life, I'm  a low energy person.     

But I like to WATCH other people's drama.  Something about it is deliciously satisfying.  

Our family is  creating its own drama, though.  (At least according to my mother.)  

We got a German Shepherd puppy, in addition to our 1 year old dog, Ragnar.  We named her Thora.   She's 8 weeks old. 

My husband put together a playset in three days.  He's sort of like Superman.   Because I saw how many pieces of wood that went into the "before."   

We are getting a fence to enclose the area around this area this week.   So the dogs and children can frolick.  Can't you just see it?   (Minus the dog turds?)

Oh, and we are also considering hosting an exchange student.  

Because why the heck not?    


Thursday, August 4, 2011

The 10 Year Old Vogue Model...And How Gross I Think This Is

I know the fashion industry sometimes has so very little sense, but this really seals it.

These are some of the photos of a spread in French Vogue earlier this year.   The model is 10 years old.

As a mother of a little girl, this makes me so freaking ill.

I dread those days that I know inevitably will come when creepers will eye Maggie inappropriately...and a couple of times ~perhaps it has been the paranoid mom in me ~ I feel as it may have happened already.

There are sick people out there.  A little bit of my heart dies at the news reports of child pornography rings that are discovered around the country...and it makes me WANT TO BARF that some of those involved have jobs like teachers or  caregivers.

Jaycee Dugard, anyone?  Elizabeth Smart?  Does everyone have such short memories?  Go to  the  and read some of the stories of women who have been affected by sexual abuse.

Why can't kids be kids?  Why do they have to be rushed to grow up?  The world is a big, bad place.   This girl should be catching bugs, bedazzling crap and playing with puppies.  NOT POSING TOPLESS!

I don't think this is right.  I think it is incredibly "off" and the girl's best interests aren't at heart.

Didn't anyone watch "Run, Baby, Run?"