Sunday, February 20, 2011

Throw Your Hands in the Air

Well, yee-freaking-haw, I'm sitting here with my Coca-Cola, eatin' me my clearance Valentine's Whitman's chocolate sampler box, in the shape of a heart that I bought for my own damn self.  

Loving the Florida Sun
I'm watchin' me some of this Daytona 500 action, because I am living in an area that if I turn my ear just a little down yonder I may just be able to hear the tires squealin' and it seems like the right thing to do.  When in Rome, you know.  

I'm listening to the announcers say things like "Hhooooeee!!!  I do believe he turned his car PLUM sideways," and, "Y'got what'cha got, pardner."

It's been a while, my friends.

I'm a little bit pissier, a little bit more agitated...I have a crazy hankering for some chocolate.  

Because for her HEALTH, Y'ALL, YOURS TRULY IS GIVING UP HER WINE.   And any liquor she might have had enjoyed.  Which I'm not saying she did.  But hypothetically, if she did.  She isn't doing it anymore.  

I KNOW.  Where's the fun in life?  

Pretty soon I'll be giving up caffeine and I'll respectfully ask for you to just bury me at that time; I'll bore myself to tears and I'll start collecting guinea pigs to entertain myself.

I got the shitty end of the stick with the blood pressure and the crazy genes.  I blame my father's side, mostly.

I blame his side ~ like, 90% wise ~'s true.

And my other 10% is because, aside from one aunt, none of his family really has anything to do with us.   And I don't see her trolling the internet and reading this blog.

My mother's family is more internet-savvy.

And I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to make such claims of the state of her family's mental health...there would be a good chance I would be called out.

The last thing I would want to do is answer  to a maternalistically peckish group of alpha females that HAPPEN to be my mother and her sisters.    There were 8 girls and 1 boy in my mothers family; that one boy didn't say a whole lot.

So, alcohol doesn't help a crazy OR cardiovascularly gimpy individual.  So, I made the decision (I can't lie; not all mine) to cut it out.  

And I realized several things:

  • I am much nicer after I have had wine.  Much, much nicer.
  • I am a better parent after I have had some wine, because I'm like, "sure, why the hell not?" when they ask annoying questions.
  • I sleep better if I don't drink wine at night, although I THINK I sleep better after I drink wine.
  • I am much more productive the next day because of the better sleep.  And I like that.
  • And although I thought that I would lose some weight because of this lifestyle change, I haven't.  It pisses me off.
Along with this decision, other changes have taken place in our house.

Maggie started pre-school.   

She has been going for about two weeks, and although she freaks out initially when I leave, she plays all day and is tired when she gets home.  And HOT DIGGITY DAMN, I found a Montessori that takes 1-3 year olds who aren't potty trained.  

I feel almost like a sane, human being again.   I do believe by kindergarten, I'll be myself again.  A short time, I was just a shell ~ a shadow, if you will ~ of myself.  I'm slowly coming back.   I'm about 50% there.

 I have two days a week where I don't even turn on the radio or television because I just enjoy the silence.  It is a BEAUTIFUL thing.   BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.

I paid off my car, and we traded Chris' boring, sensible car in on the "Florida" car.  It's a Jeep Wrangler, 2011.  His dream car.    Now he is dreaming about how he can pimp it out. 

I am almost finished painting my house.  I finished the upstairs loft area, now I am going to be moving on to the kids' rooms soon.  

Hell, I even cleaned up my laundry room.   I am even taking fish oil supplements and Alpha Lipoic Acid and a host of other supplements.  

Things are boring, I suppose, but I feel good.   And summer is coming.  Flowers are blooming...and I can FEEL it.