Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boys Using the Ladies' Room

Cal, 16, desperate to use the  restroom on Saturday  immediately after his  viewing of "Thor," inadvertently entered the women's restroom at the Epic Theater at Town Center.

"I sort of noticed there were no urinals," said the teenager.  "But I had to go to the bathroom so bad because I got a refill on that large Coke, and I couldn't go back out and find the men's room."  

As the teen was in the stall, he said he heard "women's voices."  It was then that  the reality hit him that he was, indeed, in the women's restroom.  

"I saw him go in the girls' bathroom," laughed his younger brother, Wesley, who immediately summoned his father.   

They both were waiting  with a camera and took this picture of Calvin exiting the women's bathroom. 

When asked why he didn't leave the women's restroom once he realized he was there, he said he had already began to urinate. 

"I was midstream, and I couldn't, like, just stop.  You know."  

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