Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday, Aside from Comments That I Couldn't Help. (Disturbing Family Pictures)

I'm curious who was REALLY on board with this.  And who had to be coerced.  

Acid washed denim and mullets!  SWEET!

I'm not sure what this family is into?  Can someone help me figure it out?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I sort of trust them.  They look a little quirky....   Except the moody, hormonal one that is scowling in the front.  

There are no words....I just want to see a "Where are They Now?" for the kids.  No, for real.

Going to DisneyWorld makes me nervous because of people like this.  

Who thought THIS  was a good idea?   

"One of these things is not like the others..."

She's holding the kid's hand, because it looks like it's ready for flight.

This is just unfortunate.  

See the glee?  Atta girl.  

Boys are not to be trusted.  At any age.

I'm not certain, but Santa doesn't look so jolly.

Let's wrap ourselves in dead animals and sit under hot lights for a memorable family photo, kids!  

The ones on the right side must have been the ones with the idea.  The ones on the left, particularly the one in the left corner, thinks the idea is shit.  I would have to agree.

When the Smiths of West Virginia mistook their "small pet" for a really pissy cat.

Casey Anthony was such a crazy kid.    

The cats look SO pissed.

Why the bathtub?  Why the gun?  Why the baby?  Why the dog?  I can understand the pink gun...because if **I** bought a gun, it WILL be pink.

Seasons Greetings from EVERYONE except little Susie.  Because she hates your f-ing guts.  And she would disembowel you, given the chance.  

Five guesses at what this family's hobby is.  GO.

On the online dating site, they bonded over the weaponry and parrots.

  "It's just a phase, Gloria.  Just a phase. He'll be back to those bow ties in no time."  
(from  Except for the comments.  Those are mine.)

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Samantha said...

To be fair, I am sometimes convinced my cat is a really mellow possum. She runs just like one.