Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quelles Horreurs de Poop

I, among other billions of parents, believe my daughter is exceptionally bright.  

Maggie just turned three and has been reading for a few months now.   I accredit this to my slacker attitude to the Your Baby Can Read Program.

I started it at about 17-18 months with her and was faithful with it for a while, then would forget for weeks at a time.

What this program did for her was begin her mind thinking about words as symbols with bigger meanings than just scribbles on papers or images on billboards.

It sparked something in her brain that is going to be useful to her for the rest of her life.   Reading is now a game to her.

I often find her sitting and reading books to herself which warms my heart.

She is bright.  She is beautiful.


She has a base obsession with poop that is more than disturbing to me than some of the things that come out of the mind of Eli Roth.

She   sticks her finger down her diaper, collects it, then wipes it on our couch.  Just about every chance she gets.

~I must take this opportunity to inform any of you who might visit in the future or may have visited in the past, that she does this with the SLIP COVERED furniture in the children's playroom.  Slip covers, thank GOD, are washable.   You would have not, or will not unwittingly sit or have sat on the poop, put your hand on the poop, etc. ~

In the past, when I heard  stories of children smearing shit on walls, I would die a little bit inside, then shudder, gag  and thank the Lord that neither of my boys had that issue.

I also used to question other people's parenting skills when they told me their children colored on walls, or escaped outside when mommy was in the shower.  

Now, I am sitting amongst poop smears and we are needing to install more J-locks to our doors because she still bolts at every chance she gets ~ sometimes partially clothed.   I have just recently painted over the neat, vertical pen and pencil marks that covered every wall of the loft area of our house.  

The exact MOMENT we painted the area a warm, happy gold color and framed an area with chalkboard paint for her to "express herself," she stopped with the vertical lines.

These kids, particularly Maggie, have humbled me.

Especially when I am dealing with this girl's shit ~ literally ~ on a daily basis.  In ways I never dreamed I thought I would.

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