Sunday, June 5, 2011

Transformers 3 and Megan Fox

Transformers 3 is releasing at the end of June and I am super duper excited.

The first Transformers came out when Chris was in Iraq.   We all went to see it when he came home in August of 2007.  I was newly knocked up and didn't even know it yet.

Transformers 2:  Meh.

But I am holding out hopes for this one.

I heard it's better than T2 and that is all I can hope for.  And Megan Fox is gone.

Who, for some reason, bugs the crap out of me .

"Aw, she's probably jealous of Megan Fox," you are thinking.

And you know what?  You may be right. I was tagged on some beach photos on Facebook today that were pretty horrifying.  Bad angle?  Bad bathing suit?  Um, no.  

It's the casseroles, Asiago and wine.   Everything is freaking DELICIOUS.  

Nevertheless, she still bugs me.

And this whole "the sex symbol thing is NOT ME!" and "too Spice Girl for Michael Bay?"

I'm not buying it.

The sex symbol gimick has made her millions of dollars.   She has been on the "sexiest" lists all over the world of magazines since the Transformers debut in 2007.  

What's the saying?   "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

What followed  were nasty comments from her about the film's director, Michael Bay, and a responding (scathing) letter from the crew members of the Transformers movies spilling details of Fox's tantrums and unprofessionalim.

Such drama!  

But look!   A Victoria's Secret model has replaced her!

So, Fox goes out and does an Armani underwear campaign.

Please, tell me she isn't comfortable with the "sex symbol status" with an underwear campaign and pictures like this?



She still bugs me.

After you look at THOSE pictures, WTF is up with this one???

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