Monday, June 13, 2011

I HEART my Mom

I'm going to buy this for Maggie and make her wear it.

She is still learning how to speak clearly, so people can't understand most of what she says.

She can't express "my mother is a bitch, " or that she ranted and raged today as she cleaned up all the cups lying around because no one uses the same cup twice in this house.  And there were no less than 20 lying around.  And we run an entire dishwasher load per day of CUPS.  OMG!!!!!!!

Or that "she freaked out about the poop smears all over my various toilet seats all over the house....because... you know:  A "bowel movement" can't be a normal even in our house and has to span across no less than two days.  

I'm going to make her wear the "I love my Mom" shirt.  Because I can and I'm bigger than she is.    And when she is in therapy for issues with her mother....well...she can read this blog.

And tell the therapist how "I tried."


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