Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prey and Zumba

Everyone left the room about a half hour ago and I just realized that Yo Gabba Gabba is still on.  Such is my life these days.  

I'm trying to gather the strength to shower.  I returned a while ago from the gym, where I did a horrendously embarrassing, floppy hour of Zumba.  I'm waiting to air dry.

We need to go out and buy a mouse for Wes's ball python.

This ball python eats live mice...in case you are wondering.  If you buy your snake from a place like "politically correct" store like Petsmart, it will eat frozen mice.   And apparently, if you tell them that you are buying a mouse from them with the intention of feeding it to a snake, they may refuse to sell it to you.   Because doing so is not humane.

But I don't understand...what about the freezing part?  I think death by  freezing would sort of suck, too.  Whatever.

However, this snake does not eat frozen mice.  

The mice cost about 1.75, which is pretty cheap to feed a pet.

When we buy them, they put them in a little box with plastic film lining and small holes in the top for air  vents.

Last week's mouse was uber crafty and mostly chewed through the box by the time we got home.

I didn't notice that it was doing this.  **I** thought that it was trying to get out through the air vents, so I ordered Calvin to put a book on top of the vents as he held the box in his lap.

Little did he know...the little shiester was chewing his way out the bottom.   Can you IMAGINE having a loose mouse in the car as you are driving?  I cannot. ~  I would die, I think.

Horrible creatures, although they ARE very cute and I feel a tiny bit badly about feeding it to Bucky.  But not this guy....I practically threw him in the snake's cage.

I started Zumba a couple of weeks ago.   The only thing that I have really lost are the baggy t-shirts.  I hate looking like the newbie in the class...and even the fatties are wearing tank tops.  So...a tank top it is.

I've also started logging on to MyFitnessPal.com.  I did WeightWatchers.com for about a week and I had so many error messages that I canceled.  And MyFitnessPal is free.   I like free.  And it is sort of like Facebook;  I'm all over that.  You can add friends, and comment on people's stuff.  It's up my alley.

Anywho, to the shower I go because a mouse I have to get.  Don't be so jealous.  You know you want a ball python that eats live mice, too.

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Christy@WickedHappy said...

I've heard of Zumba from a couple of my friends lately. Sounds interesting...but also like a lot of work (she says lazily from her perch on the couch). Hope you continue to enjoy it and get just the results you are looking for. :)