Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Graduation and Clothing Choice Fails

Ragnar the Viking dog officially passed puppy kindergarten yesterday. By observing him, you would never be able to tell; he is still full of "piss and vinegar."

Last night instead of humping all of the other dogs, he changed his tactic to chewing on their ears and hip checking them to push them down. The vet had to separate him, yet again, because he couldn't play nice.

He passed, I believe, because of his ability to learn quickly. I attribute this to the Shepherd half of his mix.

I'm definitely relieved that the class is over.

As much as I tried to be my charming self, the vet didn't like me. I have a feeling about these sorts of things. I could just tell.

I suppose it is fairly understandable because I was the largest disruption to the puppy kindergarten this session.

I honestly think that she was one of those "I like animals better than people" type individuals. So when I showed up at the first class after taking a dose of my cough medicine that made me zingy and chatty (I was in the throes of those coughing fits that made me piss my pants), I'll admit I probably was a little too much. Not a great first impression.

I was excited about having a new puppy, and between a hacking a lung out, motored on about Ragnar, the process of buying a new puppy, how good he was, our family, the kids, our house, our neighborhood, our friends, our extended family, our church...etc.

Even I was a little too much for me.

Between the first week and the second week, my husband made the decision to start coaching our youngest son's tackle football team and I had no babysitter for the two year old. So, with the wild puppy and two year old in tow, we showed up at the second week of puppy training class. On that particular night most of the puppies were better behaved than Maggie.

Maggie promptly found the toy area set out for children. However, she wound up with the most damaging of all toys ~ crayons ~ and when I had my back turned scribbled a Picasso on the wall.

A few weeks ago, we couldn't make it to class because of scheduling conflicts. The vet SOUNDED disappointeded, but I KNOW she was doing a happy jig on the other end of the phone because we weren't coming.

Last night, I had to bring Maggie again, and Ragnar was in full freak out mode. I think he takes his aggressions about the wildness of our home life out on the puppies at kindergarten class.

His match was a Mexican Presa Canario. They wrestled, knocked over chairs, plants and small children. His sensed sweetness as a source of weakness in a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix and gnawed on her ears and, at times, wouldn't allow her to drag herself up off the floor (hence the separation).

Maggie fed off the craziness of the room and wanted to be held the entire time, which was no easy feat. YOU try to hold a 32 pound kid in one arm, a dog treat in your other hand, yell "come" to a German Shepherd mix, then proceed to do a "Sit, Down, Up, Down" command IN A SKIRT. Yea, I was a dumb ass last night; clothing choice FAIL.

So, I am happy that this is over and that I have a few weeks to figure out babysitting until first grade starts. Someone asked when first grade would start and she said "in a few weeks because I need a break." And I swear ~ I SWEAR ~ she glanced at me when she said this.

There is also going to be fly training this fall. I think that Ragnar would kick ass with that.

The vet will probably weep when she sees us show up again.

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