Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was little, I believed that my dolls would  come alive at night.

I would tuck them in and make sure they were happy and cozy.   There was a part of me that thought that perhaps they would come after me if they were unhappy.

I think of my baby dolls, so sweet and innocent-looking.   A sweet and innocent doll wouldn't do something like that.

But THESE DOLLS??  <<<<<<--------- CLICK HERE.  These dolls would take your eyeballs out with toothpicks and do horrible things to you at night.

I'm SURE of it.


Beth said...

Those dolls ARE super creepy!!!

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

I believed the same thing about my toys...very pre Toy Story too!
And pre Chucky!

There was baby doll at Walmart last week that looked like it was smiling so evil-y. I hid it behind some others so little kids wouldn't see it.

Thirteen Blessings said...

Wow. Reminds me a bit of the creatures in that movie Coraline. Who would buy those dolls? Who would think to make those dolls? Very very creepy!