Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Time When a Bird Pooped on My Face and It was $19.99!!!!!!

It's smiling a litte bit to be in my closet!
I'm hiding in my closet,  taking pictures of this fabulous new handbag I bought.  

Why the closet, you ask?

Well, Chris may go ballistic if I tell him I bought another purse.

I need another handbag like a hole in my head, especially a Hobo style bag.   Hobo bags are like the abyss of  all handbags.  Lip glosses, pens, cell phones, keys are dropped into them never to be found again.

But I walked into the Tuesday Morning today and this particular Hobo bag screamed my name.

Love the bling!
It didn't whisper.  It didn't call.  It SCREAMED.

It was a Sak.  I have an affinity for Saks.  Not the small ones, but the large ones.  They are silky smooth and I like how they feel.   It had a little bling.   One bling was a little bird.  The inner lining was super adorable and has birds on it.

I have an affinity for birds, something you may not know about me.

I like to to watch birds from afar, but up close or when they fly over me they freak me out because once, when I was seventeen, I had a bird shit on my face.  I'm not making that up.

The part that pisses me off, thinking back about the whole incident, is that NO ONE TOLD ME.

Love the lining!
 It was a cloudy day and I thought that I felt a little sprinkle.  But alas, a bird had shat on me.  I talked to several people before I went to a restroom and saw the streak of poop that started on my head, hit my nose, cheek and chin.  

Of course, as a teenager I was mortified and probably cried.

But now looking back as an a adult I am still upset.  That is why I tell people when they have a booger in their nose ~ "Hey, you have a little something on your nose there, hon,"  or in their teeth ~ "Hey, you have a little something right there," and then I point to my own teeth to give them an idea where to start on their own.

Granted, bird shit is a little more sensitive, but I imagine the conversation would go a little like this: "Hey," I would say as I fished a tissue and a compact with a mirror out of my amazing Hobo style bag that screamed my name  at Tuesday Morning because it is totally MEEEEE!

"You have a little something on your face.  No sorry, I'm not sure what it is.  Here is a tissue and a mirror.  But I thought you would like to know,"

As in, instead of  letting you walk around and chat everybody up before noticing the train wreck of bird crap on your face, I thought I would be a good citizen and give you a heads up and do my good deed for the day.

There is always a tactful way of telling someone something uncomfortable, and in the long run, people always appreciate knowing.  It is only polite.
It was 50% off of the $39.99! Wheee!  
I took some pictures of my adorable new Sak, including the price tag.  

I would never had paid over $100.00 for this handbag, although I know some people would have, I suppose.

I paid an exorbitant amount for a handbag once when I could least afford it.

 I was in college and have no idea what I was thinking.

It was a beautiful Kate Spade bag, green and brown, (again, it SCREAMED my name) and it was over $200.00.

 I immediately turned into a neurotic mess  about my bag, so when I got a pen mark on the outside, I almost had an aneurysm.   I still own the Kate Spade bag, as you can see.   It is no longer beautiful, but I'm never letting go of it.  Never.   It's too banged up to use.

I decided that I am not an expensive handbag type gal;  I'm the "I will immediately make a beeline to the 75% rack" gal.   And if I find nothing, I find nothing.      

But yesterday I wandered into Tuesday Morning.  That green Sak must have had quite a journey to end up on the clearance table immediately inside the door to greet ME and scream MY name.

It had met  markdown upon markdown upon markdown, until it was sold to a discount store that I happened upon.

  It made me very happy.    Obviously, it doesn't take much to make me happy, but bargains are right up there with truffles, bubble baths and pina coladas.     And coffee frappucinos at Starbucks.   And garage sales...ahhhh.

He's just cute.  Nothing to do with the post.  :)

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