Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shi* My Kid Ruined: Daily Entry. And Things That Bug Me.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these pen marks are fresh.

They are right next to my bed and I don't recall  them being there yesterday.

There are quite a few pen marks adjacent to these new pen marks that were not easily erased by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so I just let them go.  My plan was to just paint OVER them with my Sherwin Williams Duration paint that is currently awaiting my usage in the garage, color "Cork Wedge."

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Duration paint is supposed to be the "most washable" paint in the Sherwin Williams line of paints.

They even have a display set up in the store to show the superior washability of their paints.

You can write on a simulated "their" painted wall and a simulated "our" (i.e. Sherwin Williams) painted wall with a  provided marker.

Go ahead, do it ~  scribble until  your heart is content!

They  also provide you with a cute little spray bottle with plain Jane water and a wet nap to prove the superiority of their product.

"Their" wall  (the competitor) is a mess that has been  jacked up by previous customers attempts with the marker that won't scrub off.  "Our" wall, of course, is pristine.

Now, I quite believe that this little set up is a farce.  Because nothing has EVER come off a wall that I have painted with Duration paint that easily.


I am thinking of writing the company with copies of my receipts and asking for my money back.   They have not met a Maggie, obviously.

Which leads me to my next adventure du jour.

Sorry for the blur, but I had to use my "Photo Booth" feature on my MacBook   because I couldn't find my new digital camera.   In other words, I had to take a picture with my computer.  Yea, complicated.  GRRR.

If you are really a creative person, it sort of looks like "I heart you" in cursive.

What I see are scribbles on my garden tub in blue Sharpie.

....AFTER Mr. Clean Magic Eraser did his job scrubbing his little bald genie ass off.

I know what you are thinking:  why don't these dumbasses keep these markers/pens/pencils away from the toddler?

And I maintain:  WE DO!!!!!!!!!!

The Sharpie, I know for a fact, was used earlier today  and was on the kitchen counter far enough away from her reach.

I am MUCH more careful with Sharpies because we have heirloom furniture and artwork that family would surely ostrasize us if we allowed our two year old to ruin.

She has taken to standing on things to get what she wants, though.  So, technically, nothing is out of reach.  She is climbing the pantry shelves, even.  I mean, really.


Why didn't God give us this child when we were in our 20's?   When we were full of energy and didn't need to nap in the afternoons?  

I'm going to gripe about one more thing, then I'm going to say a positive.

Does it bug you when someone doesn't accept your friend request on Facebook and you KNOW she knows who you are and you were part of the same "friend group" in high school?

And also,  you KNOW she is active on Facebook because you made a comment on a mutual friend's picture, and then SHE made a comment on that same friends' picture?

 SO YOU KNOW that she saw your friend request, so she is just ignoring your request?    Yeah, it bugs me.

It feels like I am back in high school again.

Totally.  I hated high school.  It was a stupid bitch of a time in my life and I never thought I would have to re-live it again.  Then Facebook happened.  And HELLOOOO???

The positive:  I finished a book today and it was totally awesome.

It took me a bit longer to get into, because I am used to vapid vampire books,  Us Weekly and People (mostly for the pictures).

But this was totally worth it.  It has been a long, long time that I felt sad that I finished a book.  I loved the house.  I loved the characters.  I loved the whole thing.

I'm starting this one now:

It probably won't take me long to get into because it is more my pace.

I'll let you know how I like it when I am finished.

Please send good vibes and prayers that nothing else is ruined tonight, though.  It will be highly appreciated.


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Bromeliad said...

Perhaps you could hire the little girl out to Sherwin Wiliams test labs.