Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Most Annoying Conversation Ever

How freaking annoying is this conversation?   This is why I am half crazy.  I'm not even exaggerating;  this is how it just went down.

Cal:  What's for dinner?

Me:  Tater tot casserole.

Cal:  With fries?

Me:  No, tater tots.

Cal:  Did you make fries?

Me:  Um, no.  It's tater tot casserole and I used tater tots on top.

Cal:  You put fries on top last time.

Me:  That was because I was out of tater tots.  I have tater tots now.  There are no fries.

Cal:  Can you make fries?

Me:  I'm not making fries.

Cal:  Why?

Me:  Because we are having tater tots.  We don't need fries.

Cal:  We have fries in the freezer.

Me:  No.

Cal:  They've been in the freezer for a long time!

Me:  I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Cal:  Please make some fries?

Me:  No.

Cal:  Please?

Me:  No.


Cal:  Can you get me some Ipod songs?


Beth said...

So FREAKING funny -- you have me laughing :)

Patty Drew Amundson said...

Oh calvin! I can just hear the conversation! Still laughing!

Love you all!!!!