Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm gobsmacked.  And terrified.

I admit that I exaggerate.  Not always, but only when it behooves me to do so.

But this post from Winning At Everything scared the s**t out of me.  

Not  exaggerating about that.

These pictures make me nervous for a number of reasons.

Reasons that include ~ but are not limited to ~  the necks, the veins, the "je ne sais quoi" in their eyes and the fake, oily spray tans gone COMPLETELY AWRY.

They look hungry.  And fierce.   Like they would kill me for my McDonald's fries I so enjoy.   They could kill me very easily, indeed.  

I am not a very fast runner, so one of these girls (or  a zombie.  We live in THAT KIND OF CRAZY these days, don't we?) could very well overtake me.  *Mental Note:  I need to start the Couch to 5K program again in the near future.

They look determined ~   like masters of self control.  Jedis, if you will.   Actually, these qualities are ones that I quite admire.  I wish I had more of them.

Although I must say, I would like my self control and determination to manifest in an ENTIRELY different way.

I am actually pretty scared to say a whole lot about these pictures.

Not sure what to think, either.

What do YOU all think?

Aaaaand, just so those aren't the last thoughts in your head, here is a chaser.


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Patty said...

Um, is that the same woman "gone to seed"?? Ugh!!!!