Saturday, June 9, 2012

That Was the BEST TOENAIL EVER! And Other Concerns.

A couple of thoughts today.

The first is a conversation that just happened at the lunch table.   I am concerned about it on many levels.

Maggie:  That was the best toenail ever!

Wes:  What?


Wes:  Mom!  Did you hear what Maggie just said?

Me:  I did.

Wes:  She said she's eating her toenails!

Maggie:  I'm not Maggie, I'm Perry!

Wes:  Okay, Jimmy.

Maggie:  I'm not Jimmy!  I'm Perry!

Me:  Just ignore her, Wes.

Maggie/Perry/Jimmy:  That was the best toenail ever!

Maggie/Perry/Jimmy:  That was the best toenail ever!

Moving on.

I saw this on Pinterest this week:

And I was mildly curious.  

So...I started taking notes for approximately an hour.  

#1:  Can I have breakfast?

#2:  Does Dora have germs?

#3:  Is everyone on Earth?

#4:  Are we on the Milky Way?

#5:  Do all the planets go around the sun?

#6:  How did Super Why get on Netflix?

#7:  Why do kids keep watching bad shows?

#8: Can I watch the dog movie, mom?  It has kitties, too.  

#9:  Can I watch anything I want, Mom?  

#10:  What is this puppy show called?

#11:  What can I do for you?  (playing "restaurant.")

#12:  What can I do for you?

#13:  What can I do for you? 

#14:  Mom, do you want Chick-Fil-A?

#15:  Mom, do you want a chicken sandwich?

#16:  Mom, do you want Sonny's or Sonic?

#17:  Does Thora (the German Shepherd) go upstairs?  

#18:  Mom, where do your friends live?

#19:  What town are we in?

#20:  What town are we in now?

#21:  Are we almost home?

#22:  Does Ragnar (dog #2) have underwear on?

#23:  Where is the Milky Way in space?

#24:  Is that funny, Mom?

#25:  Is that funny, Mom? 

And since I forgot to write some of the questions down during this time, I think that 437 questions might be on the lower end for MY 4 year old.  

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Bromeliad said...

I'm laughing out loud.