Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Yes, I Did.

And it was sort of by accident, because I didn't know what Tumblr was.  But's another blog site.

Imagine that:  another way to share information!  

So, I went ahead and signed up.  I mean, what more could I possibly have to add to enrich y'all's lives.

I have decided that the Tumblr blog is going to be dedicated to the beauty I see around me.

(And, coincidentally, there are so many new photo applications that I can use to make my pictures look a tad bit I am going to use them upload them to my Tumblr site.)

It is mainly going to be scenery.  Different things...unusual things, things that strike me as fun.

So knock yourself out:  Today we took a drive along A1A and we stopped hoping to see some whales (we didn't) and I took some pictures of the natural plant life along the dunes.  Most interesting to me were the Spanish Bayonets, a plant introduced to me by my French friend,  Isabelle.

They are both beautiful and can rip your skin apart if you touch them.   Their points and edges are as sharp as daggers.  People who are concerned about safety supposedly  plant them beneath their first-floor windows as a deterrent to burglars.

So, check out my link to today's entries:  A1A FLAGLER COUNTY DRIVE

You can also add me as a friend on Tumblr.  My direct link is:


Anonymous said...

Love your blog (as usual!!!) and LOVE your photos on Tumblr!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

Love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ach! I was going to follow you on Tumblr but it asked me for my URL! I'm old and I don't have one! Hellllppp me! :)

I'll follow you elsewhere! Love you as always. Love to Chris and the kids!