Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fruit of Thy Womb: CANDY! (And I Get All Feminist on You)

My new "favorite" entertainment website:  Regretsy.com

For those of you who don't know about "Etsy.com," it is a website where people can sell their home-made art, crafts, antiques, etc.  

Most of it is really interesting.   

However some things....well....some things have apparently caused so many  "WTH" moments as to inspire the website "Regretsy."  

The following is my favorite "Regretsy" submission so far.  

Perhaps there is a cultural thing that is lost in translation for me...but what you see is a pinata shaped as a uterus.     

I can just see inviting the neighborhood kids over for a party when Maggie has her first period and whipping this bad boy out.   

Do you think that there would be some hard feelings for not having the  Spongebob pinata, but instead, having a giant uterus?  

Do you think that the next Monday at school, she would be known at her junior high as the "girl whose mother bought her the pinata shaped as a uterus for her party?"  

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the psychology behind taking a baseball bat to the uterus.   

Is it a kids' game?  Or aggressive attitude against women?  

See?  I can get all feminist sometimes.

"Hey Jimmy!  Here's the bat, hit the uterus!"  

Bam, bam.

"Harder, Jimmy!  Harder!"

Bam, bam bam!

"Dagnabbit, Jimmy!   Beat the smithereens out of that uterus.  I want me some Laffy Taffy and freaking Airheads Extremes!"


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Beth said...

that pinata is all kinds of wrong!!!