Friday, August 13, 2010

Sid the Science Kid and Chicken Nuggets

I am currently parked in my comfortable arm chair watching one of more annoying television shows in the universe: Sid the Science Kid.

I could say a lot about this show. Maggie likes it. I don't.

I don't like how all of the kids' hair looks like worms. Or how the kids' "voices" are adult voices or act like they need to be on medication. Or how teacher Susie pronounces "incline planes" or "pulleys."

I'm sitting here because I am too lazy to get up. I need a refill on my coffee. Yep, too lazy to even get up for that.

I had a moment of weakness and made chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and corn for everyone last night. I licked the mashed potatoes saucepan clean, and shoveled in the leftover nuggets.

This morning, I very well may be suffering from a chicken nugget and mashed potato hang over.

It might not be so bad, except this is a gym day and I'm supposed to jog my 3.25 miles. If I can't even make it to my kitchen, how am I going to make it to the gym? Not promising.

As I look around, I am just a wee overwhelmed at all that I have to do. I started painting the powder room and didn't finish. Everything needs to be cleaned up. The bathrooms upstairs haven't been cleaned for over a month.

My oldest son comes home tomorrow.

He spends the summers up north and his room seemed surprisingly vacant this summer. I'm looking forward to having him home. His room, although clean, needs to be prepared today. The sheets and comforter need to be washed, as I'm sure they have collected the dust of disuse over the summer.

My mind is swimming with all that "needs" to be done today, and in the midst of my nugget hangover, it all seems overwhelming. It's just one of those days in which there is no direction. Ever have one of those?

I just need to start somewhere...

Like with another cup of coffee.

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