Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jenny McCarthy and Inappropriate Pictures

Tonight, my 15 year old son suddenly blurted out, "Mom! Jenny McCarthy is HOT."

I immediately thought of the book cover in which she cradled a watermelon sized belly. The book that discussed mucous plugs, epidurals and childbirth classes. I thought about all of the autism campaigns over the years with her cute little blond bob, cheesin' it with Jim Carrey. She's cute. She's a mom.

Most importantly, to a 15-year-old, she should be considered OLD. She is, like, MY age.

"Jenny McCarthy," I asked.

"Yeah," he flipped his Justin Bieber-ish hair. "She's hot."

What the heck.

I dismissed it. I dismiss a lot of what my kids say. I'll admit it. I shouldn't, but I do. Unless they say something really unique and precocious, it's often met with an "Uh, huh," and it's in one ear; out the other.

I forgot about the Jenny McCarthy comment until I found these tonight when I was bored on WWTDD.COM.

He was supposed to be syncing his Ipod.

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Chani said...

I'm thanking everything above that my 11 year old isn't quite at that stage yet. It's coming-he watches iCarly religiously and it's not for the fantastic storyline-but I rather like being naive about what goes on behind closed doors.