Monday, February 1, 2010

Insides and Fixtures

Some pictures of our new home. We were able to go inside yesterday to measure, snoop, etc. We are really happy w/ the progress!
This is upstairs, looking down the stair way.
Upstairs "bonus room" we are using for the family/game room. This is Farfar...Chris could have at least got him to smile! ;-)

Upstairs, again. Looking at bedrooms #1 & #2, the bathroom and the laundry room.
Upstairs, bedrooms #3 & #4 (has a Jack&Jill bathroom b/w them. To the left is the laundry room.
From the dining area to the kitchen.
Looking from dining area into the kitchen.
Blurry kitchen.

1st Floor Living Room
From family room to the outside door. And stairway.
More kitchen
Kitchen sink, into family room. I'm glad they put the fan in for us.
From front door...entry hall.


Cristy said...

looks awesome! So Fresh and beautiful!

Erin said...

Pretty! The outside looks like mine, but the floorplan is different.