Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kate Gosselin v. Gwenyth Paltrow

I never really jumped on board the Kate Gosselin bandwagon.

I was not a fan of Jon & Kate + 8. The screaming kids did nothing but produce anxiety for me.

Personally, an episode of Jon & Kate was much like watching an hour of Supernanny with all of those rotten, screaming brats. I get my fill of screaming during the day. To willingly subject myself to it for "entertainment purposes" just does not sound very "entertaining" to me.

Was I DID think was entertaining was the snappage of Jon Gosselin's last nerve and his subsequent flingage into the bed of the nearest slut. I will participate in rubbernecking with the best of them. I am not above it. Not even close.

What I truly didn't understand was her hair, especially when it was spiked in back like a deranged cockatoo.

I recently heard how much she spent on it weekly and I about shiz my drawers ~ that look was EXPENSIVE??? Holy crap.

This hairstyle, in my humble, unprofessional opinion was a big, fat "don't."

It was done, better and classier, in the 90's by Gwenyth Paltrow.

Notice the Backstreet Boy with her. He looks a TON different since Angie got her claws in him, huh?

And this:

So, imagine my surprise when I was watching my sole source of news(much to my husband's dismay) , Entertainment Tonight.

I saw this picture:

Although ET reported it took over twenty hours to weave these extensions into her hair, I am pretty SURE she will be compensated (in some way or another) more for those twenty hours than my husband will be in one year.

So I don't feel too bad she had to park her COME AND GET YOUR POPCORN ass in a salon chair for hours. She looks ten thousand percent better.

My morbid fascination into Jon and Kate has been renewed. PR stunt SUCCESSFUL on this weak minded, tabloid whore.

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