Friday, January 1, 2010

Cliche-isms and Lemmings

I hate that I like this video. On so many levels.

Some observations.

1.) The cool, expensive Jaguar? And the chick dancing on a simulated "stage" with the wind blowing in her face? Cliche.

2.) I'm a sucker for a drummer who has smooth moves anda black stripe painted across his mouth.

3.) The clown? I swear that is Joel McHale. JOEL MCHALE, a.k.a., my hair plugged boyfriend. I liked him more before Community. But he is still spankin' adorable.

4.) I like this song so much, I paid $1.29 for it.

5.) I bought it immediately after watching the world premier video. I feel like such a lemming. The jacked up previewing abilities of Jay Z's songs on ITunes made me feel like several million other Americans who had just watched the Carson Daly New Year's countdown show did the exact the same thing I did. Lame.

6.) The Rorschach Test? Mesmerizing.

7.) And finally, even though foul language abounds, I think this will be a great work out song. You know, when I finally decide to drag my ass off the couch and go for a jog.

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TheFeministBreeder said...

Then you will appreciate this. The night before we started filming that TLC show, I had a nightmare that Joel McHale found something ridiculous about our special, and put it on The Soup. All I could think about was making sure we didn't do ANYTHING that could be taken out of context and put on The Soup. It actually became the running joke with the crew. Everytime there was a blooper, or a hair out of place, or a retake, I'd say "oh shit, that's going on The Soup!". The producer told me she was putting together an entire reel of all the footage of me saying "The Soup!" and she is sending it to Joel McHale - so I started making sure I looked right into the camera after every single bad take and said "Hi Joel! Luv ya Joel! (wink wink)"

I thought you'd appreciate that. If the producer follows through on her threat, you might see Joel McHale making fun of me. ;)