Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dr. Oz and Fatties

I watched Dr. Oz today. I usually don't watch him because he is an Oprah Minion.

Although I spent about ten years liking Oprah and watching her show, my opinion has changed fairly recently. Now I mostly want to punch her in the face.

Therefore ~fair or not ~ my feelings about her trickle down to the causes, books, and/or people she endorses.

Despite of this, Dr. Oz was fairly inspiring to me today.

He didn't drag out any new information; it was mostly a review of his appearance on the Oprah show several years ago when the "YOU" book first came out.

Today he discussed his magic blueberry smoothies, how one should eliminate the hydrogenated oils, syrups, red meats from her diet. He whipped out the cadaver omentum.

One little depressing-as-hell snippet he shared was that 2% of people who lose weight actually are successful in keeping it off. The glaring, come-to-Jesus lesson of this little factoid is: DO NOT GET FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I want to take expectant mothers, shake them and tell them to keep their cravings under control. No, you won't die if you don't have that pint of Cherry Garcia. No, you aren't going to stab your husband in the eye if you don't get that Chinese food.

Have a salad. Drink a big glass of water or a cup of hot tea. But don't gain sixty pounds if you can absolutely help it.

This would be good advice to take myself, too. I am obviously not good at taking advice as is apparent by my health right now.

My next appointment with my doctor for the blood pressure issue is February 22. I desperately want to be in a better place physically by then. It's approximately five to six weeks away. It feels bleak.

I'm going to work at it though.

I'm also taking his 9" plate recommendation. I just think that a smaller dinner plate a good idea in general.

We'll see. I'll report how life is when February 22 rolls around.

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Angela Iserhott said...

I totally feel you on this. I stepped on the scale yesterday to find that 10 of my 15 pounds lost last year, had returned (5 over holiday break alone).
I have found that I must continue with the exercise and watch what I eat, which should be much easier now that all of the toffees are gone from the box of candy we received from a neighbor.
Also, your comment about pregnancy. So true. I was lucky with #1 and only gained about 35, but was fortunate in the lactation that followed and lost it all quickly. With the triplets however, my DRs forced me to eat poorly and told me that fat was my friend (for the babies sake). Somehow I managed to gain only 48 due largely to the fact that 3 ppl were sitting on my stomach. I actually lost more after lactating with them than I gained.
For me, the demon is eating really yummy & fattening foods, not really liking veggies & fruits, and carbs. I love carbs.
I am hoping with the start of my temporary job next week, and the inaccessibility of food, I will be better off in the dieting war.
I love my mother, but I do not want to look like her.

Still Love You,
Your bestie from back in the day.