Monday, April 4, 2011

What We're Watching....

This is what we're watching, only about three years behind.  

And I just love this picture.  For some reason.  

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is yummy....normally.

But he is totally a grease-ball this season.  And he has a gaping wound that festers maggots.  Yet he scored a Heidi Klum Look-alike.   I thought for SURE she was Heidi Klum.

But.... I IMDB'd her, and Her name is Charlotte Salt.

This is a really great show, though.... I recommend that you start at season 1 on Netflix or Blockbuster.    I learned a little bit about history, mixed in with a lot of rated "R" scenes.     In my opinion~ the best way to learn about history.  

I'm sure they weren't all this pretty....

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