Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monkeys Are From Hell

I came across this video on Stumble Upon.

So Many Monkeys

I know people are all, like, "ohhhh, monkeys are so cuuuuute," but this is so very, very disturbing.

I think about what I would have done in a situation like this.   I would definitely not have been sporting a smile.

Perhaps this dude was crying inside;  I would have been.

Firstly, to have that many live beings jump on me would have been the  tactile equivalent of an unequivocally caustic panic attack.  I mean, I don't even like Chris touching me that much, let alone crawling all over me.

That many monkeys jumping at me at one time would have put me in the funny farm with an I.V. drip of Xanax for at LEAST a month.

Secondly, who knows where those monkey feet have been?  Or mouths.  Or fingers.  They stick those things in unseemly places.

My dad's M.A.S.H. unit in Vietnam had its own monkey as a "pet."  It used to routinely drink beer and hop on the shoulders of people in the camp to pick for lice.

I don't have to say any more to get the point across that this video freaked me the hell out.

So Many Monkeys

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