Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding and Space Shuttles

 I said I wouldn't, but I did.

As Maggie screamed for Dora, I turned the Royal Wedding on just in time to see the kiss.

 Maggie was so pissed, she eventually bit me.

But I couldn't help it; my curiosity could not be quelled.

And since I'm watching the Tudors ~ a stunningly accurate portrayal of weddings and English royalty (cough) ~ I found the titles interesting as I watched the replay of the arrivals.     I teared up as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were announced.

As if that has ANY bearing or impact on my life, WHAT-SO-EVER.

As my life carries on today, my house will need to be cleaned because it smells like a gerbil cage again.  My parents are coming up from Orlando to celebrate Maggie's birthday.

Her birthday was actually on Tuesday and  we have been celebrating all week.  This  is becoming astoundingly confusing to my now THREE year old.  Her birth-DAY has turned into a birth-WEEK.   The gifts keep coming.

I will wear the new Mossimo top I found on clearance yesterday.    There is no hint of antique lace, and unfortunately there is no tiara.  We will go see the shuttle launch from the Intracoastal bridge.

Maggie, on the other hand, received a tiara for her birthday.

 Perhaps I will borrow it later, pop a bottle of champagne later...and pretend that I'm a Duchess, too.

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