Friday, July 30, 2010

Mac Books and Distractions

First of all, I am typing from my kick ass new get up: my new Mac Book.

My old computer had a good run.

It had been a gift from some friends of ours before Chris left for Iraq. He took it to the desert, used it over there, schlepped it back and forth several times and eventually gave it to me.

Chris' gizmos that he no longer has any need for (i.e. he buys the "newer" and "better" versions) always are passed on to me. I am the sloppy-second-picker-upper in our fam.

The PC predictably began to have issues shortly after it became mine.

It regularly overheated and shut off and was maddening to me, as you can well imagine. I went through about a half a dozen cooling pads I bought off of Ebay, all which broke after an average of one week.

Then, Maggie got a hold of it and flicked off every single key off the keyboard. If it wasn't completely jacked up before then, it was after that point.

The panic began to set in about my Itunes account and my pictures, as it usually does. No one wants to lose precious mementos of their children's births, nor does one want to lose such catchy ditties such as "Ms. New Booty" and "Sexy Bitch."

I sat down originally to look up "Caprese Salad" on my computer. However, the thrill of being able to open up a computer and not have it take twenty minutes to "wake up" was so damn exciting, I had to sit down to blogger to write about it.

There was no delay in typing, I didn't have to wait for the cursor to show up. I'm just so excited I could pee my pants. Thank you for sharing this little bit of joy with me.

I have to go prepare my Caprese salad now.

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