Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miss M and Her Little Ditty

*** 17 MONTHS***

I want undivided attention
I really, really do
But Mommy's watching Rachel Zoe
And Flipping Out, too.

She has a glazed expression
So I decided to cause a stir
I ate a bunch of dog food
and even threw a turd.

I licked an electrical outlet
and squirted gels and lotions.
Mixed them together on the floor
I'm causing a commotion!

I try to call my Daddy
On Mommy's red cell phone
It doesn't work; it makes me mad
Therefore it must be thrown.

I've started spitting now
My Mommy's really frayed
I know she will be happy
When Daddy comes home today.


Anonymous said...

A poet too Mary Ann? What don't you do>? This is awesome! I love that sweet face of Maggie- we were talking this week about a trip tp Florida- we think the kids are at a good age for Disney since none of us have done it- we hope we get there and can't wait to see you and your new home?

Anonymous said...

I think it's good payback forChris, so I am glad he will be home. He was not a "quiet child"! Let him watch her and see what he was like as a child! Ha ha ha