Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aruba Wanderlust and Pictures With Very Little Discretion and Taste

My previous post today brought back a sense of wanderlust.

The wanderlust hasn't been quite as bad as of late, since I can look out and see a palm tree in my front yard. But it still hits me occasionally.

I began to fondly recall our trip to Aruba which occurred exactly two years ago this week.

Although I had just found out I was pregnant (only virgin pina coladas on the beach for
me) and spent some days in bed feeling ill, Chris occasionally dragged me out in our rental car to explore the island.

Aruba is only three miles across and about seventeen miles long; it didn't take terribly long to explore.

I began looking at the pictures on my computer and thought I would share a few.

One thing that Chris likes to do is take pictures from airplanes. I could compile an entire album of "Chris' Pictures Taken From Airplanes." I could also compile a much LARGER album of "Pictures Chris Took of Himself," which apparently is a very Swedish thing to do. This is a picture he took from the airplane of Haiti.

And this, as previously mentioned, is one he took of himself. The pictures he takes of himself mostly have this exact same expression. As you can see in the background, I was in a hurry to get somewhere:

This is me probably waiting for him, because he had been taking pictures of himself. I was probably hot, sunburned and nauseous.

This is a museum in the town of Oranjestad.

And a chapel in the country that had a stone labyrinth behind it.

We like to take pictures of poor, dead crustaceans that are half-baked in the sun and missing limbs.

And this was just breath-taking (on the north side of the island).

The lady at the rental car place warned, "Do not take the car off the road." We did, however, because we quickly realized that the good places are indeed "off the road." Chris developed an affinity for the little trooper, which we returned with a few additional scratches from brush that was located "off the road."

This picture was taken by an insistent person trying to sell us something at the California Lighthouse. I have repeatedly advised Chris not to wear socks like that with his tennis shoes, but I guess if that is the worst fashion faux pas he sports, I'm one lucky woman.

It was very windy in Aruba.

Our hotel had exotic birds by the pool. This is me, very unwisely sticking my finger in the cockatoo's cage. I would advise everyone against this. They appear cute and friendly, but they are evil.

I took this picture of a goat on the road because it had the biggest wiener I had EVER seen. Chris told me not to because it was tacky and indicative of my lack of taste and discretion. He would be even more upset to see I posted it on my blog, although you can't really see anything, anyway.

I give him a hard time and tease him a lot, but I think he is a righteous dude ~ and quite handsome ~ this husband of mine.

While I was in bed suffering from nausea, Chris climbed this giant hill and took this picture. If you look, really, really hard you can see Venezuela.

I'll leave you with another pretty one. Thanks for looking at my blog picture album of Aruba!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at you in the background while Chris was taking his picture. I can TOTALLY see you doing this!!!

Thanks for the link - I'm glad to know it's not my fault I am 20 lbs overweight!!