Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leaving your account open

Mary always writes on Cal's facebook when he leaves it open, so I only thought it fitting that the husband who brings such laughter should write on Mary's blog when she leaves it open. Notice I'm not using bad words.

The centipede thing wasn't funny or nice. hehe

Close your blog page when you walk away from the computer Mary!

(it's hard to type with the"A" key missing....)


M.A. said...

The hilarity ensues.

You may buy me a new laptop for Christmas or my birthday. That would take care of the issue of the missing "a" key.

Anonymous said...

I laughed very, very hard at the centipede and scorpion in baggies. Sorry, but I know you (Chris) hate bugs almost as much as I do!!!!! I would not laugh if it was me!!! :0)