Friday, September 11, 2009

Adult Diapers and Parenting Fails

This is the favorite subject of ridicule du jour in our household.

Don't want to click on the link? That's all right, I'll summarize.

An el sicko, of which there are a great many in Florida, was arrested the other day on fraud charges. He pretended to be retarded so home health care workers (who just happened to be all women) would come into his house and change his diapers.

It was fraud because he promised to pay them upwards of $2,000 to do so. This would be a red flag (for me at least) because I am not sure what home health workers are paid but I am pretty certain it is not $2,000 for changing someone's sh**y pants.

Predictibly, none of them saw the money.

I am curious as to how this adult baby thing happens. I sincerely don't want to screw my kids up in a way that will leave them with a socially unacceptable fetish like wanting their diapers changed when they are grown men. Truly.

Feet? I would be okay if they were feet guys. Hair? Hair would be all right, as long as they weren't creepers about it and smelling unsuspecting women's hair in public places. Hey, I'm sure it happens.

Everyone has their "thing." I just hope that their "thing" doesn't lead them to a place in life where they are drooling on a bed, a fresh load in their Depends and a bamboozled nurse standing above them with wipes and talcum powder.

As a mother, that scenario would be the ultimate parenting "fail."


Christy said...

on a related note...if you are ever shopping for "onesies" on ebay, be very sure to use the "baby clothes" filter. Searching "All" results will bring up some...well, let's just say VERY LARGE onsies for "adult babies". gag gag gag

Anonymous said...

That guy is just plain nasty!!!