Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dirt, Sweat and Sunburns on a Lanai

Yesterday morning I looked out at our lanai and was completely repulsed.

We had let it go for much of a year.

The dogs had tracked in dirt and sand from the backyard.

The profuse inundation of pollen in late winter left a film of yellow dust on every surface.

I was tired of actively apologizing to visitors who had the misfortune of happening upon this sad excuse of an outdoor space.

It was that bad. 

And it was daunting; it was easier not to look.

So, as Kelly and Michael began their playful banter, I started sweeping.

I swept.  And swept.  And swept.  

And the sand/pollen that I couldn't sweep into the dustpan, I sucked up with  my little stick vac (which  could very well be the best spent $14.99 at Walmart).

When I realized that I couldn't really get into the corners unless I moved the furniture, I started moving everything to the lawn.

And I continued to sweep.  I was covered in dirt and smelled like something the cat dragged in.

Then I brought out the power washer.   I power washed the sh*& out of that space.  I power washed the furniture outside.  I power washed until I had earned a blister.  

Five hours later I had a lanai with a floor you could eat off of.  Well...not really.  But close.

And a sunburn.  I  have no idea how this happened.

As I brought the furniture back in, I rearranged to make more room.  

The lanai faces the east which is perfect because it gets the morning sun.  Even on the hottest of summer days you can feel a sea breeze.  

It is a nice place to be...when it isn't totally disgusting.

My husband also got a bee in his bonnet this week about painting our front columns.  Again, this is the sort of thing that you don't realize is is bad until you have guests over...or you take a moment to look objectively.

I took over the painting and finished  this after noon.

Just thought I would add some pics today of my past two days:

The hoya loves its south location

Another hoya and a cactus orchid plant.

Christmas cactus

Another hoya flower

I just think the hoya flowers are so cool.  

A night cereus

Before painting.  Some cracks were patched last year...

After...big difference.

The view from the ladder.  

More Sally Holmes flowers today.

Sally Holmes

This little skink came and hung out with me as I painted.  I wished he was the brilliant blue and purple color...they can be so pretty (for a lizard).

Mimosa tree has flowers!

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