Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happiness and The Size of Your Ass

I found this "Dress Size Factor" graph recently.

Apparently, I am right on the verge of being very happy. If only I would work at it with a tad more diligence than I am doing right now. Margaritas and burritos in the middle of the afternoon just aren't going to cut it, I'm afraid (but they were so GOOD!).

Granted, this is in reference to UK sizes so the numbers are a bit skewed. I discovered this when I ordered from Boden recently. So...the size UK 14 is actually referring to the US 12.

Alas, I will just take this chart and not think too much about size conversions.

I will do a little rejoicing in the fact that skinny little beeyotches (i.e. size 6's) aren't that happy, possibly because they are hungry.


1 comment:

Cristy said...

ok, i'm happiest!?? I will admit that after 2 babies in 2 years my be-hind isn't what it used to be.
I hate putting on clothes in the morning now. So depressing!