Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning and Hot Movie Stars

Tonight, Chris and I watched "Sunshine Cleaning."

I had watched it earlier today as the baby pulled out all of my Tupperware and tried to climb into the fireplace. Needless to say, I didn't give the movie one hundred percent of my attention.

Later that evening, I informed him that this was a good movie and we were going to watch it again after the kids went to bed.

"What's it about," he asked, distracted by his Facebook chat.

"It has Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Steve Zahn in it," I said.

Now, that specific answer to this specific question something that drives my husband three kinds of crazy.

Netflix is a hobby for me and the control of the queue/reviews is governed with an iron fist. By me. The problem Chris has with the movies that I order is that 99% of the time I really can't tell him what the plot is.

I can, however, tell him who is in the movie and a laundry list of dirt about them, the specifics of which depend on how long it has been since I logged in to (as in, "What Would Tyler Durden Do," a reference to "Fight Club," a movie that starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton), or flipped through an US or People magazine in a checkout line.

"It's a comedy," I say, which is true. That is how it is classified on Netflix.

" It's about a couple of girls who open up a crime scene clean-up business. You'll like it. It's cute," I add hopefully and I fast-forward through the indie previews that I know will be the dead-ringer giveaway that he will, indeed, hate every minute of this movie.

I fill his wine glass up.

The first tear-jerker moment gives me away, and I can feel his eyes boring through me. You see, at a "tear-jerker" moment in t.v. shows, movies, or even commercials he turns to me to observe the reaction. And 99.7% of the time there IS a reaction...because I cry at everything. EVERYTHING.

"Sunshine Cleaning" had a few deaths, sad kids and lost, desolate spouses. So I was, predictably, a mess.

"You said this was a comedy," he said, staring bullets through me.

"The little boy is cute," I weeped. "And you have to admit, this is a good movie," I say as I blow my nose and wipe my eyes.

"It's good," he says, but he judges. I know he does.

"Who is that guy," he asks me.

"Steve Zahn," I tell him.

"What has he been in," he inquires.

"Oh, honey," I sniffle. "He's been in tons of stuff you have seen," I say.

"And her," he points at Amy Adams. "She looks familiar, what has she been in?"

"She was in that Disney movie, honey. The one where she is a cartoon and falls into the well, but crawls through the manhole and ends up in New York City with Patrick Dempsey? He's the guy from Grey's Anatomy, you know." He knows Grey's Anatomy ~ I KNOW he does.

"Oh," he says as the lights come on. "I remember that. Okay."

He settles in and continues to watch as I weep, notice the development and the impressive growth of each character.

"Those sisters," he observes, "are pretty cute."

Emily Blunt, Amy Adams ~ they are movie stars. With this observation, I would have to concur.

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