Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's Get Real 2009 and Perfect People Lie

I'm a huge Amy Lawson fan.

I've been reading her blog for upwards of two years now, or since whenever her sister posted the link for Amy's blog on my IVillage expecting club. The blog was nominated for some sort of an award that they give to very creative and consistent (unlike mine) blogs and I think it won. This was a long time ago and I was pregnant at the time so everything was in a Cherry Garcia-induced haze. So I very well could be wrong about the "winning" thing.

So, when Amy suggested a challenge sort of thing, I was all over it. This was what was posted on her blog:

Let's Get Real 2009: Perfect People Lie.
If you have the guts, snap a few pictures of your house in its normal, everyday condition. Sure, go ahead and exclude the stuff that might embarrass the crud out of you, but please don't hide the truth. Don't tidy-up or put-away before you take your photos, just snap a few and let the world know that you're not perfect either. -Amy Lawson

So, the following pictures are the reason you want to call before you come over. The house will be whipped into shape in no time, and the doors to the bedrooms will be closed as to not blind you with their offensiveness.

I do have to add that the house is usually picked up and 90% tidy by the time my husband comes home from work. I have to look like I did something during the day other than watch Rachel Zoe and Flipping Out.

This first picture is of my kitchen. I have to repeat that it was very clean at 5pm last evening. I'm sure the baby bottle is something that was found under a couch. The second picture features last night's dinner plates. There is spaghetti in that pan and no, that isn't a wine glass. I probably should clean this up pronto or I will be calling an exterminator.

The next picture is of our family room, and actually doesn't look too bad. That is a sock on the floor, however, and has been there for a while. The box of diapers was bought last night so it has only been sitting there for about 16 hours. What made me take this picture is the wet spot on the couch next to our dog, Sven. It doesn't appear to be visible in this photo. This is where he licked his butt until he fell asleep. Luckily, we have slipcovers, but they aren't washed very often.

Moving on, you will notice the desheveled nature of my decorator pillows. If you come over they will be organized and will look pretty, so please don't sit on them because it makes me angry. I probably wouldn't say anything, depending on how well I know you or how much I want you to like me, but it will make me seeth inside. They are silk on the outside, down on the inside, and they take a while to fluff up when smushed. My children receive my wrath when they sit on them.

Add ImageIt gets considerably worse from here.

This is my piano and the bedding crap on the left is stuff I have to return to Target, but I can't find the receipt. That container on the right is industrial strength pesticide, which actually should be in the garage. But...the baby can't reach that far yet, so there it has been for a while.

My 8 year old son's room. There is no excuse for this, really. Yes, he sleeps with a pink blanket because it is soft and if I could, I would sleep with it, too.

This is the oldest son's room. It has an odor to it .

This is our living room, and aside from a few strewn books that are evidence that I DO read to my daughter, it doesn't look too bad. That bag needs to be taken to Goodwill. It isn't garbage, thank you very much.

I will go ahead and post our bedroom. Usually the bed is made. Yes, those are clean clothes folded on top of an unmade bed.

And finally, our laundry room. This is actually awesomely clean for our laundry room. I have been working on the laundry thing...

So, there is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

I have many other faults aside from having a messy house that I will share with you another time.

Baby steps.


Chani said...

Oh fun!! I'm going to do this too, it'll be my first blog post in, ohhhh, 5 months ;)

Anonymous said...

My house is SPOTLESS. What is wrong with you??? ha ha ha -- I crack myself up!!! I'm not taking pics of my house unless I have a week to clean up!!!


M.A. said...

I do have to say that I mop the floors at LEAST once a week with bleach it is more like a clutter dirty than a "filthy" dirty. You know???!