Monday, January 9, 2012

Squirrels and Pinterest

Today, I "liked" this picture of a squirrel.

I also "liked" a hamster on a swing and a meaty picture of Tim Tebow with no sleeves.

How did I find myself "liking" pictures of wild rodents  and insanely popular football players (when I fiercely dislike neither of them)?

Allow me to explain.

Chris, continuing to save us $75 carpet removal fee.

Chris.  Removing carpet.  Saving us $75 on the removal fee.  

We recently cancelled our cable t.v. service.

Granted, this was pretty much our only entertainment (aside from the Internet).

But we couldn't justify the cost.   Our bill last month was a hefty $180.00.

And with THAT sort of cost, we could actually PARTICIPATE in some sort of entertainment; not just sit on our butts and watch it happen.

With Netflix streaming on our Wii, Maggie could watch "Dora the Explorer" AND "Fresh Beat Band" till her little heart was content.

(The Apple TV is still in my realm of consideration, as is  I already subscribe to Hulu.)

There are entire HOSTS of television alternatives out there at this point in time, that cutting the "cable" umbilical cord hardly hurt.
The tile floors.  They are made to look like hard wood.  

Around this time, we ripped out the carpet of our family room downstairs and acquired a piano.

Done!  This is ceramic tile!  Amazing, right?  
We decided to move the large television with the Wii upstairs for the children to watch.  Ironically, we plugged our bedroom set into the wall and we still have network stations.

Anyway, because I don't want to take the long, arduous trek up the stairs to the second floor to watch the Netflix options, I have found new and fascinating ways to waste my time.

First waste of time:

8tracks is a service where people upload their music mixes from their collections and categorize them into playlists for the public to hear.    There are "rock" playlists, as well as "pop," "indie," "chill," "study," "techno," and even "sex."

I am not sure why people would upload a mix called "sex."  I guess that is what differentiates me (37) and the 20-somethings.     

Some "almost after" photos.  Still have more work to do, like something in that corner.  And yea....that's Maggie sleeping in the chair.  

From the foyer.  

From by the front door....where you can't see all the dirty shoes.  

I have been listening and listening....and listening to other peoples' mixes, as well as my own.  Maggie hangs out with me and listens to the music too.  Which MUST be better than Dora, with all her Spanish lessons and all.    

She was bouncing pretty well with her hot dog to Offspring's "Get a Job," on a 90's mix that I found earlier this week at lunch today.     (Upon listening to this probably wasn't the best song for a 3 year old to listening to;  I was all caught up in the nostalgia and memories of the 90's to hear the lyrics and the message of the song.)

Another time consuming activity I have found  a website that rivals the thrill of Facebook, if that is at ALL possible:   Pinterest.

I first heard  about Pinterest at a Christmas party last month.  As it was explained to me,  it sounded really lame.   And you had to ASk for an invitation,  or had to  be invited by someone already on Pinterest.

I received the invitation about a week later and tentatively began to play with it.

I pinned new recipes, neat organization ideas, fun photos, etc.

Like thousands of other housewives on Pinterest, I gathered together the photos of what I SHOULD be doing.  However, instead,  I was parked in front of the laptop putting the ideas together and organizing them into neat little files to use at some future date.

THEN, I realized how thrilling it was to upload a picture or a website I found on my VERY OWN and have someone you DIDN'T EVEN KNOW, RE-PIN it!!!

So, I have been trolling the Internet, looking for new recipes, exciting women's fashion ensembles and quirky photos to share with my Pinterest community.

It is like crack.  Or Diet Coke, if I use a comparison that is in my WASP-ish lifestyle realm.    

Which brought me to my squirrel.

And I had to ~ just HAD TO ~ click on the other entries to this contest.    There were monkeys, lions, tigers and other rodents dressed in armor.  Most of them clearly Photo shopped.

This little bugger, however, looks incredibly real.  And really gets me thinking.. ...


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